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North Carolina
Notary Seals

North Carolina Notary Public Desk, Pocket, Hand Seals Category Selection

North Carolina Notary Seals / Embossers

Custom manufactured with our laser-engraving technologies, your North Carolina Notary Public Seal becomes a beautiful raised impression that imparts a professional and personal touch on each document notarized.

Constructed with either a cast-iron body or sturdy metal frame, all North Carolina Notary Seals / Embossers ensure years of reliable use. Pocket seals are a mobile option while requiring increased leverage. Desk seals are placed on a stationary surface so you do less work, apply less pressure, and still create a beautiful raised impression of your Notary Public Seal. We ship most Seals / Embossers the day an order is received.

Consider a Seal Impression Inker while ordering. This product is a MUST-HAVE for notaries whose states require photographically reproducible seal impressions. Simply rub the Seal Impression Inker over a raised image to darken it. Great for faxing or photocopying documents notarized with a North Carolina Notary Seal / Embosser. You can add this item on the bottom right of the customization page. Just click to add to order.



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